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TV & Film

  • We have been working in the TV and Film industry for over fifteen years
  • From television dramas and adverts to feature films
  • From artists and crew in the River Thames to abseiling down Royal Festival Hall, we have a team to handle any job and a solution to any task set

Commercial Work

  • We can take on any job at high level, whether it be checking the outside of your building for insurance cover or to see the wear and tear of your building or even to cover your maintenance personnel whilst working at heights. We can provide documentation and picture evidence to allow you to determine whether or not you need to take action
  • We are also able to take on any job in the water with divers and water rescue personnel, from clearing lakes to moving items / boats in a water arena


We carry an extensive range of equipment and have vehicles and boats to cater for your requirements together with a wide range of climbing, diving, rescue, support and medical equipment

  • Restraint belts
  • Seated harnesses
  • Full body harnesses
  • Fall arrest harnesses
  • Strops
  • Karabiners
  • Safety hats
  • Safety wire from 2-10mm
  • Low stretch 11mm lines – various colours
  • Clutch descenders
  • Alp descenders
  • Rescue lines
  • Ascenders
  • Shunts
  • Oxygen administration kit
  • Dry suits / wet suits
  • Long boards
  • Full medic kits
  • Ambulances
  • 4 x 4 off road vehicles
  • Fully equipped fire appliances
  • Canoes
  • Jet ski
  • Inflatable boats
  • Water rescue kit
  • Radios
  • Medic tent
  • Throw lines
  • Life preservers
  • Vehicle extraction kit

Water Safety

  • Do you have a scene that needs to take place in or around water?
  • We are one of a few companies to offer safety and support within this environment
  • Whether it be in a lake, canal, fast running river, flooded area, swimming pool or weir we can offer you the support you require
  • As Water Rescue Technicians we are trained to work in the most hazardous of terrains and are trained to work in fast flowing water


  • We can provide the training needed for artists and crew members who may be required for scenes at high levels and in the water
  • We have qualified PADI diving instructors, rescue personnel, rope technicians and swift water rescue technicians who are all medically trained to provide immediate medical response to a situation should it arise
  • We can provide all training needed for artists and crew members who may be required to be in the water at any time during a scene
  • We can undertake comprehensive training prior to filming to ensure knowledge and familiarisation of equipment used

Swift Water Rescue

  • As Swift Water Rescue Technicians we are trained in fast moving water, as well as being divers and boat handlers. We are trained to work in a variety of environments from canals to fast running weirs, including:
    • Flood conditions
    • Fast flowing river conditions
    • Weirs and waterfalls
  • If you have any need for placing people in and around water or filming stunts in fast flowing rivers, we are able to offer the rescue support you need

High Level Safety

  • Do you have a potentially ‘high-risk’ scene that needs to be carried out at high level?
  • Does it require a scenic view of a dramatic effect such as working on a roof or cliff?
  • Do you need to place one or more artists / crew close to or even over an edge?
  • Do you need to film the POV of the viewer or artist as they move up or down a cliff, structure or building – maybe for an action shot or narrative?
  • How can this objective be achieved
    • Restraint lines securely fastened
    • All crew fitted with restraint belts to refrain from going near the edge
    • All safety set up within safe distance of a secure edge
    • If a person or persons need to move closer to the edge they will be equipped with a full body harness and be rigged to be usable on film
    • All equipment would be fitted and checked by trained safety personnel at regular intervals at all times throughout the day

Medical & Fire Cover

  • We can also supply medics for your television, film or event. With fully equipped emergency front line ambulances and First Aiders to Paramedics we can ensure your event is safe and under control
  • If you have a scene or event that involves a risk of fire we are also able to supply a single fire-fighter to a fully equipped fire appliance with crew