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  • Shadow Rescue has provided safety in the TV/Film/Event environments for over 18 years
  • We specialise in safety in every hazardous environment and work with Stunt Co-ordinators, Directors, Event Organisers and Emergency Medical Services
  • We put people in the right place at the right time to be able to keep the area, artists and crew secure and safe at all times with as little disruption as possible
  • If you have the smallest risk involved in a scene or event we will:
    • Provide a full recce of the situation prior to the event
    • Supply a risk assessment of the proposed scene / scenario
    • Recommend precautions you need to lower any risk involved
  • The team is trained to work in water and at high level, and is also medically and fire trained giving you a full multi-task team that can cover any eventuality that may occur
  • We not only spend time in water and at heights to keep our skills up-to-date, but also work with a variety of different teams.  For example, we spend time working with Fire & Rescue teams and also spend time on the medical side working on  as well as Search and Rescue Teams (working out of Accident & Emergency or as a medic on an event)